Meet the Team

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Rob Mendez

 CEO & Producer

Rob Mendez is a producer, entrepreneur and the founding member of Paradise Cove Productions. His love of film and its ability to touch and provoke people across all walks of life motivated Rob, to envisage an organization that would strive for production of cinema that does not only entertain, but inspire it's followers.

Rob has proved successful in creating, developing and executing vertical business platforms in a variety of spaces which have include social media, technology, gaming  and real estate investment. As CEO he oversees the daily operations of PCP as well as continually forming it's future core business model.

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George Parra


Producer George Parra is member of the Directors & Producers Guild. He is known for Sideways (2004), The Descendants (2011)  Silver Linings Playbook (2012) and American Hustle (2013)

His success came from smaller, more independent films which have always been more appealing to him, such as Election, and The Way Way Back. Mr. Parra collaborated both as an Assistant Director and Producer, with some of the best directors such as Alexander Payne, Oliver Stone, James Cameron, Michael Bay, Rob Cohen, Martin Campbell, Jay Roach, and David O’Russell.


Brendon O'Neal

Creative Director

Brendon O'Neal has been traveling the world shooting for various movies, magazines, & surf brands like Marvels "Black Panther" & James Cameron's Avatar 2,  Surfer, Surfing Magazine, Stab Magazine, Zigzag Magazine, DaHui, Fox and Quicksilver to name a few.

His passion for the water & drone piloting has led him to work for a number of apps, music videos, doc's, and large business platforms like The Ethusiast Network and Time Inc. Brendon was born into a family of musicians and his love for music has led him to choreograph, direct, and film some of the most talented dancers and performers. In 2015 he helped SkyfireArts get best performance from LA Weekly at EDC in Las Vegas.